The startup experience

Summer of Startups is an internship program organized for students to get hands-on experience working for startups. There will be weekly workshops organized to help with the onboarding. To make the most out of the workshops, we are figuring out the demand of startups. Whether they need help with developing their product, growing their business or general operations. Students hired would match the demand and program.


The place for all the content creators of Tampere universities. Podcasts, online events, photoshoots, you name it. By booking a time you can access all the tools content creator needs. Located in Platform 6 next to main campus.

Coding sauna

Coding sauna is a weekly gathering of people interested in coding. The aim of these gatherings is getting to know new technologies, discussing and introducing interesting tech-topics, and networking with other people. The gathering consists on short presentations/discussions (app. 20-30 mins) and sauna.


KUBE is a community built by Tampere Entrepreneurship Society for the ambitious tech-students of the Tampere Universities. We offer challenges, opportunities and events for our community members. KUBE's community challenges are arranged with partner companies, to solve real problems and win deserved rewards.